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About Casco Totes

I started sailing when I was nine years old. I took to it very quickly and learned that I had a love for the water. After sailing at Roger Williams College I wanted to find a job where I could continue being on or around the water. I started at Shore Sails in 1987 and learned that sewing and building sails was something I enjoyed immensely. Building sails then going out and using them on the race course was an amazing sense of accomplishment. I knew that I found my calling. I started my company in 1998 and moved the shop to South Freeport in 2004 where we still reside.

In 2008 we began making tote bags to help balance out our business during the recession. I found our customers were quick to recycle their old sails, so our pool of resources was vast. We strive to recycle up to 90% of the sail, thus limiting what goes into landfills. The first summer we made 300 bags and sold them quickly. Each year following we made more and sold out as quickly. Within a few years we had created a separate small business that coexists well with the sail loft . We made a website and started growing and we still strive to recycle as much product as we can, keeping those same core values in mind that we started with.

How we pitched in during the pandemic:

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