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Sail Away With These Recycled Sail Bags from Maine

Recycled Sail Bags from Maine

Few things are more Maine than sailing. Not surprisingly, the New England state boasts 3,500 miles of tidal coastline, which has enticed sailors for centuries. Add to this the thousands of coves, inlets and lakes, and you will find yourself in a sailor's paradise.

Here along the rocky coastline of Maine, you will be surrounded by sailboats, picturesque villages, and a constant ocean breeze. This unique atmosphere provides the inspiration, and these very sailboats supply the raw material for the eco-friendly bags and totes by Casco Totes.

Ready for your next adventure? Get inspired by these one-of-a-kind sailcloth bags handmade in Maine by Casco Totes.


What is a Sail?

A sail is a large piece of cloth attached to the mast of a sailboat. Sailors know that it isn't just any piece of cloth: it's the heart and soul of sailing. It's what propels the sailboat through the water by harnessing the force of the wind.

There are usually two types of sails: the mainsail, which is attached to the back of the mast, and the jib or headsail on the bow of the boat. Being able to control them is a skill many Mainers have mastered. Sailing is not just a sport here, it's a way of life.

Sails have always been made of robust materials to withstand the forces of nature. But while for the Vikings, this meant wool and flax. Today's sails are mostly made of dacron, a high-density woven polyester, and other performance fibers.

Some sails stay on the boat for life and are regularly serviced to ensure their long lifespan, while racing sails get replaced every one or two years. That's a whole lot of sails waiting for a new purpose!

What to Do With Used Sails?

Even with thorough care, there comes a point in the life of any sail when regular maintenance no longer brings it back to its former glory. Since sails are made of synthetic materials, they are not biodegradable and should only be discarded as a last resort.

Fortunately, though, worn-out sails can be recycled into a variety of things: shower curtains, aprons, tablecloths, lampshades, and pillows – think of any item that calls for a sturdy material, and chances are it can be made from sails.

At Casco Totes, we've also explored ideas like awnings, tents, and covers before dedicating ourselves to reducing waste with bags made from sailcloth. As a result, our fleet of recycled sail bags has been born, sending old sails on stylish new adventures.

Get to Know Our Fleet

» Day Tote Bags:

The first Casco Tote was created more than 30 years ago and is still going strong by harnessing the strength of recycled sails to be your reliable companion day in and day out. Whether you choose from our numbered models or those with sailmaker logos, this bag has plenty of personality and an unmistakable nautical look.

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» Crossbody Sail Cloth Bag:

Our medium-size, water-resistant crossbody bag is versatile enough for travel and everyday use. The cotton webbing shoulder strap features a trigger strap, so it can be converted into a handbag in a snap.

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» OOAK Weekender:

Our OOAK (one-of-a-kind) weekender is made for your weekend packed with fun. It features details such as an interior key clip, a zippered exterior pocket, and zigzag stitching to ensure everything stays in place – while accent stripes provide the style factor.

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» Duffel Sail Cloth Bag:

Our duffel sail cloth bag is ideal for those longer trips when you want to keep all your things zipped up. What color matches your sailor persona? Red, royal blue, classic gray, or black? That's the only thing you'll have to decide, as each duffel sail cloth bag comes with a handy internal key holder, a zipped external pocket, and adjustable, detachable shoulder straps.

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» Shopper Recycled Sail Bag:

Not every day calls for an adventure, but this doesn't mean your basic shopper should be, well, basic. This bag is made of waterproof, recycled sails, and it features grommets with handles, and 1″ cotton webbing handles for comfort. Choose from two sizes and keep it in your car for shopping or pack it for extra travel storage.

While these are undoubtedly some of our favorites, Casco Totes also makes other accessories such as clutches, key chains, and even pillows. All come with the same method of recycling old sails for those who appreciate long-lasting, stylish items – handmade in Maine.

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Handmade Sail Bags with Love from Maine

At Casco Totes, we are passionate about sailing, and we love to see old, used sails find a new purpose. We aim to recycle 90% of our sails, reducing the amount that goes into landfills. Our recycled sail bags are made with a waterproof bottom, ample shoulder straps, and a matching zippered top. Each item is produced in our loft in South Freeport, Maine, using the same machines, thread, and hardware as we would on new sails.

We're excited to see each piece of old sail transform into one-of-a-kind Maine sail cloth bags before becoming a trusted companion for your adventures, whether on water or on land.

Where will you go next? Get inspired by checking out our latest bags and totes online and sail off on your next adventure in style!

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