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2022 Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Holiday Gift Ideas

Picking out the perfect gift for loved ones can be a wonderful feeling. However, the choice is plentiful, and each year it gets harder to find a truly creative gift. To help you get started, we've put together this list of ideas to make gift giving more personal and less stressful this holiday season.

Read on for our 2022 holiday gift ideas and surprise your loved ones with something unique this year.

For Friends

Show your best friend your appreciation by giving them the gift of self-care. As you know them the best, what would recharge their batteries this year? Concert tickets, a spa treatment, or a homemade dinner at yours? Surprise them with the experience they will truly enjoy, and give your handmade gift card our cute Starfish Clutch they will love to reuse!

For your S.O.

Gifting between a couple can sometimes get awkward (you don't want to be the one giving the less personal gift). How about giving an experience that you both enjoy instead? Pack up one (or two) weekender sail bags and surprise your significant other with a getaway for two. Try to find a unique experience whether it be camping, boating, or a lodge by the lake. After the trip, you'll have memories to treasure and a Maine sail cloth tote you can use for the next holiday together! Our Blue Weekender Sail Cloth Bag is perfect for your getaway and you can even personalize with a number of your choice!!

For Mom and Dad

Holiday dinners are great for bringing the family together. But they also involve a lot of stress, time, and money spent by the host. For your 2022 holiday gift ideas this year, give your parents the gift of relaxation, and host the holiday dinner yourself! If they're up for it, they can still help and give you their tried and tested tips for successful family gatherings. If you still feel like giving a tangible gift, why not give them our pillows made of recycled sails! Our stylish pillows like our Maine Bicentennial Pillows are perfect to decorate their house or boat. And they come with a subtle hint that it’s time to relax!

For Coworkers

If there's one rule about gifts for your boss and coworkers, it's don't go overboard; give something thoughtful but inexpensive. How about filling these cute little Ditty Bags with homemade cookies? Your coworkers will surely appreciate the gesture and then use their totes made from sailcloth again for their lunches, gadgets, toiletries, or whatever they feel like!

For Everyone Else

If you've run out of unique gift ideas, don't worry! You can always make a DIY gift bag last minute. Fill a reusable Maine sail cloth tote with a nice bottle of wine, artisanal chocolate, or high-quality coffee, and you will have a gift bag ready to give to anyone left on your list, be it your neighbor or in-laws. Bonus point: our bags made from sails, like this Small Shopper Recycled Sail Bag, are so sleek that everyone will love to reuse them over and over!

No Matter the Occasion, Casco Totes Has Got You Coveredr

Looking for more whole family gift ideas? Casco Totes has a large selection of recycled sailcloth totes, duffle bags, and oversized tote bags for all your gifting needs. All our recycled tote bags are handmade in Maine, in the same workshop where we make our sails. We strive to reduce waste by transforming old sails into stylish and practical accessories. Our reusable tote bags are not only kinder to the planet than gifts thrown away after a few uses but can also become a favorite accessory that loved ones will use for years to come.

Browse our section of bags, totes and more and make gift-giving more personal this season with unique sailcloth totes handmade in Maine! Need help or have a question, fill out our online form or call us at 207-865-2100.

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