Fly Case


  • 5″Hx10″W
  • Trifold
  • Velcro closre
  • Loop velcro for storing flies


The Fly Case is the perfect fusion of style and function for an adventurous person! Say goodbye to boring plastic cases and hello to a more modern and simple style with this fly box. Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or simply appreciate the outdoor charm, the Fly Case is here to add a touch of excitement to your everyday adventures.

Compact, sleek, and convenient, the Fly Case measures 5″ in height and 10″ in width, making it the ideal size to accompany you on your fishing trips or outdoor explorations. Its trifold design ensures efficient organization and simple access, allowing you to keep your essentials and favorite flies in one convenient place.

With a Velcro closure, the Fly Case combines security and making sure your belongings will stay safe and secure while allowing you to focus on the excitement of the great outdoors. Storing your flies has never been easier! The Fly Case also features loop Velcro, providing a dedicated space to keep your flies neatly arranged and easily accessible. No more fumbling around or losing your favorite flies in the depths of your bag.

Embrace the joy of fishing and outdoor exploration with our Fly Case and other bags made from recycled sails from Casco Totes. Your next outdoor adventure awaits!


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