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Ditty Bag

What is a Ditty Bag and What is it Used For?

Bags & Totes Collections Ditty Bags Want to pack up your things quickly and be on your way? Then a ditty bag might be what you need. These little allrounders are made for those trips when you can’t overpack but want to keep all your essentials in one place. Whether you go hiking, camping, or boating, they will be a handy addition to your next trip! What is a ditty bag, and why do you

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How to Wash and Care for Your Recycled Sailcloth Bag

Recycled Sailcloth Bag Casco Totes bags are not only versatile, but they are also easy to care for. Made from recycled sails, they’ve already been tried and tested at sea and require little attention during everyday use. So don’t be afraid to wash recycled sail tote bags; just follow these simple tricks, and you’ll see that sailcloth bag care is like a breeze. Bags & Totes Collections Table of Contents » Washing Your Sailcloth Bag

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